Finding your newly created event on your dashboard

Something tells me that if you've clicked on this article, you may have just set up an event for next year only to go back to your dashboard and find... it's missing.

Fortunately, it's not actually missing*. 

Here are a couple of reasons you aren't seeing the event.

You just need to select a different Event Year to view

If you're looking at your Event Summary, there's a little box to the right that says Event Year. Click that and choose the year for the event you just created. Voila! It has been found.


Easy, yes?

You upgraded an existing event to a new year

When you upgrade your event (instead of copying or creating a new event), we keep all your data under one event. This means we just show you one link to the event on your dashboard. It'll be under the year you specified in the event setup.

For example, let's say you just put on an event, the Super Fun 5k 2015. The event was a huge success, and you wanted to set it up again for 2016, so you clicked that red Update Event for the Next Year button on the left side of your dashboard. Then you started editing it, changed the name to Super Funk 5k 2016 and changed the date of the event to 2016. After saving those changes, both the 2015 and 2016 event will have been consolidate into one event, which is only visible on your dashboard under the Event Year 2016. 

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* Technically, you can create an event and then delete it. But, that's only if it never had any registrations, and you would probably remember clicking on a link that says delete followed by a confirmation asking if you really want to delete the event.