Finding your participant data after upgrading an event

If you're having a bit of a panic attack right now because you just upgraded your event and no-no-no all that participant data is gone! I'm here to tell you it's okay. The data is still there, and we will show you how to find it!

Here's the deal. Upgrading your event is like saying, "hey, let's treat this like one event always rather than as a separate event every year." You're digitally putting everything for this event in one place. Easy peasy once you know where to look for things. You can learn more about the upgrade feature here.

Here's how to find that participant data.

Participant Details

  • From your dashboard, click on the red participant details link next to the name of your upgraded event (or just click right on the title, both links take you to the same place)

  • On the right side of the page is something that says Select Date. Click the drop down list next to it, then select the year you'd like to see

  • The data for that year will populate below. Voila!

I said this was easy, right?

Still looking for that data?

  • If you're looking at participant details, remember to click on the event you just upgraded. That means if you changed the title of the event to say 2016, and you're looking for 2015 data, you still need to click on the link for the 2016 event. 
  • Can't find the title? Use the Event Year drop down on the top right of the Event Summary to switch between years.