Flat Rate Shipping

With the imATHLETE Merchandise Manager, you have great flexibility to make your own rules for shipping charges. It's kind of like being your own post office. You can charge shipping per item and/or flat-rate shipping in any combination as you wish! Here's how it works.

Open up your Merchandise Manager (left-side toolbar, under Ecommerce).

The second tab shows Flat Rate Shipping. That's where you'll set the parameters.


But first, let's take a look at some existing merchandise. Click Edit to see the parameters of an item. You'll notice Flat Rate Shipping is not an option because we haven't set it up yet!


To enable flat rate shipping, we need to set the shipping tiers. From the Merchandise Manager click Flat Rate Shipping. You can set up to four tiers.

Whatever you set for your highest shipping tier is the maximum an athlete will pay for flat rate shipping. So consider that if you are offering unlimited bowling balls for purchase!


You'll set Flat Rate Shipping by company. So first, select the Company. Then set your first tier, and use Add New Item to add each additional pricing tier. The Min Merch cost will auto-populate. The Max Merch Cost won't matter on the final tier, because remember, with flat rate shipping, the final tier is the maximum an athlete will pay for flat-rate shipping.

Click Save. Now let's take a look back at our merchandise, and now the Flat Rate Shipping Checkbox has appeared!


The original shipping price is retained so you can switch back if needed.

The Athletes View

Let's look at our storefront, with four items.

Flat Rate Store

In our Merchandise Manager, we've set up shipping rates in the following way:

  • Flat Rate Shipping: the mug, cap, and tank top.
  • Per-Item shipping for the framed art at $9.00 shipping each (you know, glass and all!)

Here's how we set our flat-rate tiers:

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 10.09.58 AM

With only flat-rate shipping items in the cart we get this:

FlatRate Example1

So far, so good. What if we add in that art?

FlatRate Example2

It's the same $6 for the flat-rate items, and $9 for the art. $6 + $9 = $15. Bingo.

Happy shipping!