Get participants to sign unsigned waivers

Everybody who registers themselves on imATHLETE is required to sign a waiver. In some cases (like USA Triathlon sanctioned events), they will sign two waivers. In the event that participants need to sign two waivers, they'll be required to sign them both at the same time during registration.

It is important, for your liability, that each person sign their own waiver. That is why imATHLETE gets everybody to sign waivers themselves. If you sign up for another person, that person will get an email with a link for them to sign their own waiver.

Want to see which waivers are unsigned? Check out See who hasn't signed an Event or USAT waiver.

Send Email Reminders to Sign Waivers

  • Bulk: To send reminders to everybody who hasn’t signed the waiver, click the Send Unsigned Waiver Reminders link on the top left of Participant Details. Choose whether or not to include registrations you entered manually. Ka-BAM! Everybody with an unsigned event waiver will get an email reminder to sign.
  • Individual: To send individual reminders, click on a participant’s name one time so that the row is highlighted. Then, click the Send E-mail To Sign Waiver link that appears on the top of the page.

Voila! You are done.

A couple of things to note:

  • After clicking the Send Unsigned Waiver Reminders link, the pop-up dialogue showing the total participants with unsigned waivers does not include participants that were imported or manually entered. (Manual entries appear next to "Send reminders to Offline / Manual Participants also?")
  • This only sends event waivers. If a participant has an unsigned USAT waiver, USAT will reach out to the participant separately to request that they sign the waiver. You may want to have a physical waiver on hand at packet pick up for the participant to sign as well.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words...

Bulk option:



Individual option: