How do I make my event Virtual?

Thinking of going virtual? Virtually everyone is these days!

You can choose from two great options for your Virtual event.

Option 1 - Virtual Race registration on imATHLETE


To switch an existing event to Virtual, open Event Setup and make these changes:

  • Update basic event details under Event Information, go ahead and enter something fun and creative rather than the original event location. The city doesn’t need to be a real city. It can be “Your Local Town” or “Wherever you are!”
  • You may also want to switch to a Multi-Day event to give participants a date range rather than a single event date. 
  • Don't forgot to update Details to include information about this switch to Virtual
  • When creating a virtual class, you can either edit the current class if all current participants are being defaulted to Virtual, or create a new class if Virtual is an option rather than a default.
    • To make your current class Virtual and default everyone already registered to a Virtual Race, go to Classes + Categories page in Event Setup. To the right of the existing class name, select edit and update the class name, description, registration date(s) and levels price, as needed.
    • To create a new Virtual class, go to the Classes + Categories page of event setup and copy an existing class. Edit that copy to update the class name, description, registration dates, and price levels.
  • To ensure you’re sending Virtual Race packets to the right place, we'd recommend adding a required “Packet Mailing Address” custom question to the Virtual Race under the Custom Questions page of event setup.

After saving these changes, they will be live. No need to re-launch your event unless it was placed in Preview Mode to temporarily close registration while deciding next steps.


To create a new Virtual Race, start by creating a new event on imATHLETE.

  • On the left sidebar of your Dashboard, select Events > Create Event to begin Event Setup
  • Under Event Information, you must choose an real State, but the city and other details can be vague and fun like “Your Local Streets” or “Earth”.
  • Continue to the Details page to include all pertinent information.
  • Under Classes + Categories, be sure to include “Virtual” in the class name. It would also be helpful to include a class description detailing what is included with Virtual registration.
  • Under Custom Questions, we'd recommend adding a required “Packet Mailing Address” custom question to ensure packets are sent to right destination.

On the Confirm page, you'll have the option to place the event in Preview Mode and share the Preview Link if you'd like to get feedback on event setup. Once you're ready to go live, return to the Confirm page and select Launch Registration


Option 2 – Virtual Race Registration on EnMotive


Looking for a platform with both Virtual registration AND Virtual race results?
EnMotive has you covered!

Click here for more information on how to switch your event to Virtual on

If you’re interested in utilizing the EnMotive Virtual Race features, please send us an email to and we’ll connect you with anEnMotive team member for a demo.