Grant Access to Our Timing Company

You may be used to downloading your data and providing it all to your timing company. What we recommend is that you give your timing company direct access to the imATHLETE data. That way they can format it how they want and receive the file in a way they prefer (did somebody say API?!).

Don’t worry, you can select which events they have access to, and you can limit what access level they have. Here’s how to give your timer access:

  • Click the Settings link on the left of your dashboard
  • Click Contact Manager
  • Click the “Add Timing Company” button
  • Select the timing company from the drop down list and click “Continue”
  • Indicate what level of access they should have and which events they should have access to.
  • Click “Save”

And you’re done. When the timer logs in to their imATHLETE account they will now magically be able to get your participant data.

Important: If the timer is not on the dropdown list, just have them go to, click “Sign-Up” and create a timer account. It’ll take them 90 seconds. Once that’s done, they’ll appear on the list.