Hide (or unhide) a registration class from public view

There are a few main reasons why you may want to hide a registration class from public view:

1. Create a special registration price option for a select group of participants (e.g. sponsors)
2. Let certain people sign-up prior to the official launch of registration
3. Set up transfer classes to allow people to transfer their registration

Once you hide a registration class, the only way for potential registrants to "unlock" the class is for them to enter a specific Invitation Code (which you'll need to create).

In the meantime...


  • Go into Event Setup
  • Click Classes + Categories (left side)
  • Click Edit next to the relevant Class name (or create your Class)
  • At the very bottom of the pop up, click (or unclick) the checkbox that says "Hide class from the public"
  • Click Save This Class

Pooof!  It's hidden.  Or unhidden, as the case may be.


Now that you've successfully hidden the Class, it's a great time to create the Invitation Code(s) to unlock it.

Oh, and here's a video of the entire process for all you visual folks: