How come I didn't receive an email confirmation?

Something tells us you didn't receive or can't find your confirmation receipt. Here are the most common reasons we see that might explain why.

The email might be in your spam folder. 

Depending on your settings or any filters you might've set up, the email could've gone to your spam folder. If not there, please see below for other possible scenarios.


You could have a firewall enabled. 

Like spam filters, firewalls are put in place by the email provider to analyze and regulate incoming emails based on a set of rules, which can affect certain emails from reaching your inbox and even your spam folder. Firewalls are most commonly enabled for (but not limited to) university and work email addresses. We'd recommend doing a quick search online for instructions on how to confirm whether or not you have a firewall enabled.

If you'd rather list another email address on your registration to ensure you receive all email correspondence moving forward, send us an email to and we can make that change for you on the back end so long as edits are made available by the event organizers.


There may be a typo in the email address you provided.

After completing registration, a confirmation receipt should appear on your screen immediately after submitting payment. If you notice a typo in your email address, we'd be happy to resend you your confirmation receipt and correct the email address on the back end as long as edits are made available by the event organizers. Just send us an email to and let us know!


Another email address might have been used.

In scenarios where 1) a registration was completed quite some time ago, 2) one has several email addresses they use, or 3) one was registered by another person and used their email address instead of the participant's, it can be understandably difficult to remember which email address was provided. If you are still unable to find your confirmation receipt in any of your inboxes or spam folders, contact us at and we'd be happy to assist in confirming your registration and providing you with your receipt.