How do I cancel my registration?

With imATHLETE canceling your registration is incredibly easy. But make sure you are 100% sure you want to cancel your registration before you go ahead and do so, sometimes event organizers don't let you reinstate your registration after it has been canceled.​OK, OK... I see you've made up your mind and definitely want to cancel. Here's how:

If you have an imATHLETE account

  • Go to and login
  • Click on My Events (from the global nav)
  • Click the Manage Registration link next to the event you want to cancel
  • Select Cancel Registration
  • Follow the rest of the steps to cancel

If you don't have an imATHLETE account

  1. Go to the Manage Registration page.
  2. From there, enter your confirmation code that can be found on your receipt in bold next to the participants name.
  3. Select Cancel Registration


Note: If you do not see the Cancel Registration option, that means the race organizer does not allow cancellations. You will have to contact them directly for more information. You can find the contact information for the race organizer on their Event Page on imATHLETE.