How do I create an imATHLETE profile?

During Registration

When registering for an event on imATHLETE that is in the United States you will have the option to create an imATHLETE Profile during registration. Just make sure to check the 'Create my imATHLETE account' checkbox at the top of the Participant Information page to create your imATHLETE profile during registration. It looks like this:



Already registered? No worries, you can go to and click the green Sign Up button at the top of the page to create your profile. Choose the Athlete account type and away you go!

Accessing Your Profile

You can always access your imATHLETE profile by logging in at and clicking the Profile link on the navigation bar. To update your profile, click the Edit Profile link under your profile photo.

If you ever need to add an event to your profile, send us an email with the email address listed on your profile and the event registration confirmation code at and we'll get that attached for you.