How Family Registration Works

Sometimes, you just get really tired of typing your address over and over and over again. Especially if you're, say, signing up each of your five kids for an event and have an address like "8675309 Zzyzx Road."

Fortunately, we make it quick and easy for registrants to fill out multiple registrations in one cart transaction. Here's how that process works.

After completing a registration, a participant has the option to register again or register someone else by selecting the Register More People button.

Family Reg1

After clicking this button and selecting a class for the next registrant a new field called Address Options will appear. 

Family Reg2

From here, there are two options for each person with a registration in the current cart:

  • Register again - this will auto-fill all of the personal info from the selected registrant
  • Use address - this will auto-fill just the address information from the selected registrant
Family Reg3

No matter which option is selected, the information that is auto-filled can still be edited. If someone accidentally selects register again they can easily change any of the information that was auto-filled. 

From there, registrants will complete the remaining steps of registration as normal and can repeat as many times as needed to get the rest of the group signed up.

That's all there is to it!