How to assign bib numbers

Generate and assign bib numbers to your participants using the Bib + Corral Manager.

Here's how you can do that:

  • From your dashboard click on the red Bib + Corral Manager link on the left sidebar
  • Select your event from the drop down list
  • Click on the Add Bib # Rule button
  • Type the name of your bib grouping
  • Filter your bib numbers based on Participant Class, Participant Category, Gender, and Age if you like
  • Set the start and end range for your Bib numbers
  • Add a prefix/suffix to your bib numbers if you like, but this isn't required
  • Once you have created your bib rules click on the red Assign Bib #'s link

Important: bib numbers are not automatically assigned to participants as they register. If registration is still open you may need to 'Assign Bib #'s' again as participants continue to register.

Want to print a list of your bib numbers?No problem! Create a custom report in Participant Details using the Select Columns feature and export the results to Excel. Learn how here

Here's a visual to walk you through assigning bib numbers:





That's it!

Remember, if more participants sign up after you've assigned bib numbers, you'll need to come back and clickAssign Bib #sagain.