How to copy an event

The most common way to get your event set up for next year is to copy your existing event and update the information for next year. This will keep your current event in tact, but you can use the set up as a starting point for next year's registrations.

Here’s how you can copy your event:

  1. From your dashboard, click the Copy Existing Event link on the left sidebar
  2. Select your event from the drop down menu
  3. Select the information you’d like to copy over and click Save
  4. Click the Click here link in the pop up message to go to the copy of your event and begin editing

The copied event will not be open for registration until you actually launch it, so there’s no rush to get everything set up.

Here's a visual of the process:





If you need to leave the event set up at any point and come back to it, you can find it on your dashboard by changing the Event Year to the right of your Event Summary to the correct year. Like so:


For more information on your event setup options, check out the articles in Registration Setup + Editing.