How to Create a Fundraising Campaign

Here's how you can get started creating your fundraising campaigns:

  • Click on the red Manage My Campaigns link  on the upper right hand corner of your dashboard (if you don't have this link, let us know!)
  • Click on the red Add Campaign link
  • Fill out the required Campaign information. HINT: You can use basic HTML here. See: Can I use HTML? for more details.
  • Be sure to attach your campaign to your Event 
  • Click on Launch Campaign when finished. This will activate your campaign. If you are not ready to Launch your campaign just yet, you can click the Preview Campaign link. This will allow you to review and save your work until you are ready to go live with your campaign.

Once you have launched your campaign there will be a link on your event overview page that participants and non-participants can follow to make donations or become a fundraiser. There will also be a link on each participant’s confirmation receipt that links to your fundraising campaign. Participants will also see a note on the bottom of the registration page letting them know they can become a fundraiser after completing registration. 

Keep in mind that fundraising pages are not automatically created during the registration process. These can be set up either before or after registration, but they are done outside of registration.