How to move a participant to a different event

You have a couple different options you can use to switch a participant from one event to another event. The first option is to cancel their existing registration and issue a discount code for the participant to use on a new registration. The other option is to manually add the participant to the new event and then cancel the incorrect registration. Here's how you can do each:

To Cancel and issue a discount code

  1. From your dashboard, click participant details next to your event title
  2. Search for the participant who needs to change
  3. Click once on the row that contains this participant's information to select the row
  4. Click the Cancel/Refund Participant link that appears above
  5. Select Cancel + Discount Code option
  6. Code Amount: select 100% of amount paid (if the new registration is more expensive, the participant will pay the difference)
  7. Select a reason for the cancellation and save

The participant will receive an email containing a discount code to sign up for the new event.

It looks like this:




Alternatively, you can manually switch the participant

  1. Follow the instructions in Enter an offline/manual registration to add your participant to the new event. You can use the autofill feature to add their information quickly.
  2. Cancel the participant's original registration by following the instructions Cancel a participant's registration. Choose the option to Cancel only.

All set!