How to set up transfers

Enabling transfers will allow one participant to transfer their registration to a different participant. If you're looking for information on how to switch the same participant from one event to another, see: How to move a participant to a different event.

To set up participant transfers, a new transfer class needs to be created (and hidden) for each existing class that will allow transfers. The good news is that you can make copies of your existing classes so once you get going on the process it is really pretty quick and easy.

How to set up hidden classes

  1. From your account Dashboard click edit next to your event name
  2. Under Event Setup click on the Classes + Categories link
  3. Next to the class you would like to allow transfers for, click on the red copy link
  4. In the Participant Class Editor window we recommend you add the word TRANSFERS before the class name to make it very clear this is the transfer class
  5. In the bottom left hand corner of the window check the box next to Hide Class from public view
  6. Click on the Price Levels tab 
  7. If you would like to charge a transfer fee (e.g. $20.00) enter in $20.00 for the price 
    • We do also recommend changing the Price Level Name to TRANSFER REGISTRATIONS ONLY to help make everything extra clear
    •  If you had different price levels (price increases) set up you can remove them if you are only charging one flat transfer fee. 
    •  You can also enter $0.00 if there is no fee to transfer registrations

Save this class when finished

Repeat for each class the will allow transfers.


You’ll need to send us an email and let us know once this is complete and that you would like to enable transfers. We'll review the classes and enable transfers for your event on our end.

Here's a visual




How the transfer process works for participants

  1. The participant who would like to transfer their registration to someone else will need to edit their registration. This can be done by going here and entering in their confirmation code. They will select the Transfer option and enter in the name and email of the address of the person they wish to transfer their registration to. Once they click 'Submit,' their registration will be canceled from the system. This participant will not be refunded. 
  2. The new registrant will receive an automated email from our system containing an invitation code that they can use to register via your hidden transfer class. The invitation code unlocks this hidden class. The new registrant will fill out all of their information and will be responsible for any transfer fees that you set up. The participants will need to work out any other payments between themselves.


When it comes to reporting, you will have participants in the same distance/event listed under tw classes. Some in the public classes, and some in the hidden transfer classes. When totaling participants for a distance/event you will just need to pull the totals from both. 

Good to know

  • Transfers can only be enabled if the original transfer classes are not hidden. You'll still need the duplicate hidden classes, but the original classes cannot be hidden.
  • Transfers cannot be enabled for relay classes
  • Transfers cannot be enabled for USAT-associated events