How to switch out relay team members

What do you say when a relay team member asks if they can swap out a team member? I can do this!

Okay, so here's how this works. Relay team participants are not able to switch out team members on their own, but as the event organizer, you can help facilitate this.

The basic idea is that because a relay registration is considered one registration, we can't cut it into bits and put it back together again with different pieces. The whole registration has to be cancelled, and then the new team can sign up again. If you want to make it easier for the team, you can issue a discount code equal to what they paid for the first registration so they can sign up again without having to pay twice.

Fortunately, we make this really easy for you.

Here's how to do this

1. From your dashboard, click the red participant details link next to your event title

2. Search for the participant who paid the registration fee for the relay team

3. Click that person's name once (the row should turn an orange highlighted color)

4. Click the Cancel/Refund Participant link that appears above the search results


5. For Action, select Cancel + Discount Code

6. Make the Code Amount 100% of amount paid (or whatever you want to offer)

7. Select a reason


8. Click Save, and you're all set!

The whole team registration will be cancelled, and we'll automatically email the team captain a discount code to use when signing up the new team.

Finding the discount code later

If the participant does not receive the email for any reason, you can also find this discount code by going back to your dashboard and clicking on the Discounts + Invitation Codes link. The discount code that we automatically generated will be there with the participant's name in the first name and last name fields. If you have a lot of discount codes, you can use the filter options in the blue box to search by that participant's name.



If there is a price difference between the discount code and the cost of the new registration, the participant will be charged the difference between the discount code and the cost of the new registration. If the discount code is greater than the cost of the registration, they will not receive a refund.