How to view incomplete registrations

If you've ever wanted to know who started registering for your event but didn't complete registration, the Incomplete Registrations report is for you. 

When someone completes the registration form for your event but never checks out, we call that an Incomplete Registration and store it for you in a handy report in Participant Details. 

How to view the Incomplete Registrations report

  1. From your dashboard, click the red participant details link to the right of your event name
  2. From the dropdown box next to You Are Viewing... select Incomplete Registrations

Incomplete Registrations will appear in the table below. Easy peasy!


Good to know

  • An Incomplete Registration is a registration that was started, but not completed, 7 or more days ago
  • The registrant will need to have completed the Personal Info page of registration and clicked Continue in order to appear in this report
  • It's possible folks who appear on the Incomplete Registrations report actually came back and registered from a different computer or browser. In this case, they will appear on both your Incomplete Registrations report and your Confirmed Participants report
  • If you are planning on reaching out to the folks on your Incomplete Registrations report, we recommend cross checking those names against your Confirmed Participants before getting in touch with them