Issue a participant a refund

Need to issue a full or partial refund for one of your participants? Not to worry, imATHLETE makes this process so ridiculously easy for you! Once you submit an online refund request, the refund will be processed back to the participant's credit card.

  • Go into Participant Details (from your Dashboard click the “participant details” link to the right of your event name)
  • Search for the participant
  • Click on the participant’s name one time. The row will be highlighted.
  • Click on the red Cancel/Refund Participant link that magically appears at the top of the page
  • In the Cancel/Refund Participant window you can choose to Cancel + Refund which allows you to refund them and automatically remove them from your registration list or Refund Only which allows you to refund them but not cancel their registration
  • Enter the amount you wish to refund
  • Enter in the Reason for the refund
  • Agree to the imATHLETE credit card fees

Note: imATHLETE will charge an additional refund fee of 3.5% to cover credit card processing costs. The amount deducted from your statement is made up of (1) the amount refunded, (2) the 3.5% refund processing fee and, if requested, (3) the original service fee.

  • Click Save when you are finished.

NOTE: If it has been more than 90 days since the original transaction took place, the participant will be refunded via check rather than back to their credit card.