Let participants edit their registration

Here's an interesting little tidbit of info for you: imATHLETE was the first online registration company to ever let people edit (and cancel, and defer, and transfer, and change) their own registration. Yet another example of the innovation leadership we've become known for. 

OK, enough with the horn tooting. Let's get right to the point:  if you let people edit their own registration, it'll save you a lot of time.  Period.  Maybe enough to take a longer vacation.

How Edit Registration Works on imATHLETE

  • Participant completes registration and gets a unique confirmation code
  • Unique confirmation code allows the participant to access the Manage Registration section 
  • They edit their registration
  • Everybody is happy

Want to see how it works for the participant to make changes?  

Editing Registration: Best Practices + Things to Know

  1. Deadline: The ability for participants to make changes will automatically turn off on the date you set, which we recommend to be when you start downloading final data for your timer or shirt manufacturer.
  2. What can be changed: Participants can edit non-critical data (e.g. custom questions, medical info, etc.). There is absolutely no way for them to change their name or transfer their registration with this tool.

Set Up Participant Change Deadline

  • Go into Event Setup
  • Click Cancellation, Deferral, Waitlist (left side)
  • Under Manage Participant Changes, select the end date 
  • Click Save & Continue, and you're all set!