Mail In Registrations: why it's a good idea to let people pay by check

You know those people who are holdouts for paper registration? They refuse to use the world wide interweb for anything that Big Brother can see. And you know how they call you to beg and plead for you to make a paper application that they can fill out?

Well, we know them too. With imATHLETE, those people don't have to call you ever again.

How Mail-In Works on imATHLETE

  1. Registrant goes to your registration page on imATHLETE
  2. They check the box that says PAY BY CHECK
  3. They register online but do not enter a credit card
  4. Upon completing registration, they are instructed to send their check to imATHLETE
  5. imATHLETE processes the check 
  6. The athlete's registration is confirmed in the event


Two Reasons You Should Offer Mail-In Registration

  1. It takes the process off your hands
  2. You still make the same amount of money as online, with no extra work or hassle

Mail-In Registration: Best Practices + Things to Know

  1. PRICE: imATHLETE charges the same fee whether someone pays by credit card or check.
  2. DEADLINE: Athletes are instructed to postmark their check before the registration price goes up. 
  3. AUTO-CLOSE: The mail-in option will automatically disappear before registration closes, at a time interval of your choice
  4. CONFIRMED: Nobody is confirmed in the event until their check arrives at imATHLETE. They are then notified that they are in the event.
  5. REMINDERS: You can always see who has not sent in a check and, with one click, send them a reminder. 
  6. RE-REGISTER: Sometimes people will indicate they'll pay by check, then they will come back and register with a credit card.  imATHLETE automatically removes their pay-by-check receipt from the system.
  7. INTERESTING FACT: 1-3% of participants in any given event tend to send in a check.

Set Up Pay by Check / Mail In Registration

Note: the Mail-In payment option is currently only available for events that are priced and charged charged in US dollars. 

  • Go into Event Setup
  • Click Cancellation, Deferral, Waitlist on the left sidebar
  • Scroll down to Mail-In registration and click Yes
  • Select when you'd like the mail-in option to end
  • Click Save & Continue

That's all there is to it!

Now maybe put some wording on your website letting people know if they really want to pay by check, they shouldn't contact you - they can just go to the registration page.