Merchandise and T-shirts

While we process the purchasing transaction, we don't fulfill the order. Here's how to reach out if you do have an issue with merchandise.

You know how you can buy almost anything you want on eBay, but eBay itself doesn't actually store any of that inventory? And how if you have a question about the item, they put you in touch with the seller directly?

Buying merchandise through imATHLETE operates in a similar way.

Event organizers can sell merchandise through imATHLETE, but none of that merchandise ever reaches our office. We don't have a warehouse, hold inventory or handle any of the fulfillment for your merchandise order.

As such, if you have any questions about your merchandise order, it's best to reach out to the event organizers directly. Click here to learn how to find their contact information.

Here are some common questions we see that can only be answered by the event organizers:

  • Are you shipping my order?
  • When should I expect it?
  • I need to update my shipping address
  • Where can I pick up my t-shirt?
  • Are the t-shirts true to size?
  • Do I get a t-shirt with registration?
  • Can I get a refund for my merchandise order? See this article for more details on refunds.
  • Something is wrong with the item I ordered
  • I received the wrong size or wrong item

Each event will have a different policy or answer for these questions, so if you need to, reach out to your event organizers!