Multi-Registration Discount

Encourage multiple-registrations (multiple people or events in one cart) by offering a discount.

If you've ever wanted to reward someone for getting other folks to register for your event, or for registering for multiple distances within the same overall event, this is how you would do it. 

With this discount type you could, for example, offer a 20% discount to anyone who registers three or more people in the same transaction. Or, you could do something like offer a $10 discount to anyone who signs up for both the 5k and the 10k. Easy, yes?

How it works during registration

Once set up, this discount will automatically apply at checkout as long as the items in the cart match the discount criteria you've set up. Registrants just go through the registration process as normal, using the button to register more people to add additional registrations to the cart, and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. They'll be able to see it in their cart to confirm they received the discount.

Keep in mind that this discount code type only works for registrations within the same event. If you're looking for a discount code that spans multiple events, check out the Multi-Event Discount Code

How to set this up

1. From your dashboard, click the Tools link on the left side of the page. Then click Registration Codes

2. Click Add New Discount

Code - optional. You can give your code a unique name (unique across all discount codes on the imATHLETE site) here or leave it blank and we'll generate one for you. Remember that this code will automatically apply, so no one will be seeing the name but you.

Description - optional. You can add a description to help you remember what the code was for later.

Type - choose Multi-Registration

Limit Code - choose whether this will be limited to a certain number of uses, or unlimited.

Dollar amount or percentage off

  • Dollar amount discounts the entire transaction by the dollar amount you enter here. For instance, if your discount is $10 off four registrations and those four registrations total $100 in registration fees, the $10 discount code is applied just one time and the new cart total is $90. 
  • Percentage off discounts each cart item by the percentage specified here. For instance, if your discount is 10% off four registrations, and there are four registrations in the cart at $25 each, the discount is applied four times, once per registration. Each registration would be discounted by $2.50, making the total discount $10, and the new cart total $90. 

Start date - optional. You can leave it blank to start today or specify some date in the future. The discount will begin at 12:00 AM in your company's time zone.

End Date - optional. You can leave it blank to not specify any end date or choose a date the discount expires. The discount will expire at 11:59 PM in your company's time zone.

Number of occurrences - the number of registrations required for the discount to be valid.


  • Make it available for all of your events - the discount will be available for all of your events, but can only be applied for registrations within the same event
  • Make it available for one or more events - uncheck the box next to All Events, then choose the valid events from the box below. To select more than one event, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard while clicking the different events

To limit it to just certain registration classes within one event:

        1. Uncheck the box next to All Events.
        2. Click on the name of the event containing the valid registration class(es)
        3. Next to "Let code be used for all Registration Classes", select No
        4. Next to "Only valid for this Class" choose the valid registration classes. To select multiple classes, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard while clicking the different classes

3. Once everything is set up the way you like, click Save, and you're all set!

Good to know

  • If you are using a dollar amount discount, this is applied one time per cart, and so the discount code usage will be reported as one per transaction.
  • If you are using a percentage discount, the discount is applied to each eligible cart item, and so the discount code usage is reported as one per eligible cart item.
  • You can only use this discount code for current or future events. (Kinda makes sense, right?)
  • If the discount code expires while someone is in the middle of registering, they will receive an error code that the discount code cannot be used.
  • If someone adds a different discount code to the cart after the Multi-Registration discount was automatically applied, the Multi-Registration discount will be removed and replaced with the discount associated with the code entered. 
  • This can be used for registration for any combination of individuals and cannot be restricted to registrations for just one particular person.
  • If you would like to offer multiple Multi-Registration discounts for an event, make sure you create the largest discount first then work your way down. Discounts that are created first are applied first, so if you create the lowest discount first the higher discounts cannot be applied at checkout.