Multiple Choice Custom Questions

If you love data as much as we do, prepare to do your happy data-dance. Multiple choice custom questions do just what they sound like they do--allow you to ask a "check all that apply" question during registration.

Whether you want to find out what kind of post-race foods folks really want to eat after the event, or the most popular brand of running socks making an appearance on race day, multiple choice custom questions have you covered.

Here's how to set them up (don't worry, we'll give you some video instructions below):

  1. Log in to your Dashboard
  2. Click the red edit link to the right of your event name
  3. Click the red Custom Questions link on the left sidebar
  4. Click the Add Another Question button
  5. Type the name of your question in the Question box
  6. Choose whether to ask everyone this question, or apply to only some classes in the Applicable Classes field (you can opt to show different answers to different classes, too!)
  7. Next to Answer Type choose checkboxes (multi)
  8. Type only the first answer option in the Answer box (you'll add the other answer choices later)
  9. If you want to charge the registrant money for checking the box, add the cost in the Cost field
  10. Enter any helper text in the Help field
  11. Decide whether to ask all team members or ask only once per team in the Ask All Team Members field
  12. Click Save
  13. For each additional answer you'd like to add, repeat steps 5-13 above, making the Question field identical to the original each time.
  14. Once all the questions have been added, re-order them (if needed) so that the blue question and green multiple-choice options are all grouped together. If you see that another question is mixed in there, use the up or down arrows to move them out of the way

Once everything is set up the way you like, you're all set! You may want to double check that you like the way the question appears on your registration page, but that's entirely up to you.

Team Questions

If you make a multiple choice custom question class-specific for an open team or relay class, you can restrict each answer choice to one person per team. 

The requirements to use this are:

  1. You are using the custom question type multi-check
  2. This question applies only to a relay or open team class
  3. You use the word "leg" or "relay" in the question text

For instance, let's say you're putting on a relay triathlon and you want to know "which leg of the triathlon will you compete in?" The answers "Swim", "bike", and "run" can each only be selected one time and by a different team member. 


What good is collecting data if you can't see the results, right? Fortunately, we've got a couple of places that make it easy for you to see the answers to your custom questions.

First, each answer is reported in its own column in Participant Details. Learn how to customize which columns you see in Participant details here. Customize to your heart's content, download, and you're set!

Also, the answers to these questions are reported in the handy dandy Custom Question Report. It's a pretty cool report, and you can learn more about using it here.

Tips + Tricks

  • Each event and class can have multiple sets of multi-choice questions
  • You can ask different registration classes the same question, but give them different answers to choose from. For instance, if you want to give the 5k runners the option to choose A, B, C, and D, but only want the 10Kers to choose from A, B, and D, that's just fine! When you add the answer for C, just use that Applicable Classes field to specify 5k only