My Event Class is Not Appearing in Registration. HELP!!

What I’m hearing you say is that you’ve created the registration, you’ve launched registration and now the event Class doesn’t appear in registration so people can’t sign up, right? If so, that’s not good. Let’s fix it quickly.

  • Go into Event Setup (click “Edit” to the right of the relevant event name on your dashboard)
  • Click Classes + Categories (left side of page)
  • Click Edit to the right of the relevant Participant Class
  • At the very bottom of the pop-up, there is a checkbox that says “Hide class from the public”. Make sure that is *not* checked.
  • Click Save this Class

Go back to registration and see if the class now appears. It does? Whew!!!!

(If a class still doesn’t appear in registration, please contact us at or 877.462.7979 option 2)