Offer ROAD iD to your participants

How to add the customizable, wearable ID to your merchandise offerings, protecting participants, and earning revenue.

ROAD iD is customizable, wearable identification that provides peace of mind while training and racing. There are many styles and options available, including pet IDs. Check them out at

With the partnership between ROAD iD and imATHLETE, event directors can offer ROAD iD merchandise to participants at a 30% discount - a $35 ROAD iD for just $25.

Companies that opt-in can earn commission opportunities ($2/sale) plus score free ROAD iD Gift Cards that can be used as prizes.

Here's how to offer ROAD iD to your participants:

1. Add the ROAD iD Integration

From the RD Dashboard, select Integrations from the left-side navigation bar:

ROAD iD Integration-1

Select ROAD iD. Select the company or companies for which you'd like to enable. Don't worry, that doesn't mean your participants will see it yet. You'll first decide which events to add it to!

ROAD iD Enable-1

You'll receive a confirmation

ROAD iD confirmation-1

2. Add ROAD iD to your selected Events

From the left-side menu on the RD Dashboard, under E-Commerce, select Merchandise Manager.

Merchandise Manager

You'll see ROAD iD in My Merchandise. Items are arranged alphabetically, so if you have a lot, you can also select Special Offers to filter down.

Special offers

In the right-most column, Click Add/Remove from Events to select events and options to show in registration and/or the storefront. Start and End dates are optional. Be sure you check the event box on the left and also check selected options on the right.

ROAD iD boxes

Then click SAVE and that's all there is to it! ROAD iD will be included in your merchandise as specified.

3. Spread the word!

If you added ROAD iD mid-way through your registration period, we will reach out to those participants who registered prior to seeing the ROAD iD offer. Just reach out to us at and we'll work with you on that.

If you've added ROAD iD to the event store, you can use a direct link. Reach out to us at It will look like this below, with the blank spot filled in with your EID. You can find that EID by looking at the URL for your event when you viewing it as a participant. But seriously, we can send you the link. The link below is for the DIY-ers!

It's a long URL, so you can use a shortner like to compress that!

If you are looking for more ROAD iD images to share on social, the ROAD iD Facebook page photo album has a lot to choose from!


What is the price?

It's $25 for a $35 ROAD iD. 

How much will I earn as an event director?

You will receive $2 from each sale.

What type of reporting is available?

The reporting is just the same as other merchandise. See the Merchandise Report option in the E-Commerce menu.

Will revenue be mixed with registration revenue or sent separately?

It will appear on your pay statement as ROAD iD and show $2/per sale.

Are merchandise fees applied to the ROAD iD purchases?

No, there are no merchandise fees applied to ROAD iD.

What happens when an athlete purchases a ROAD iD? 

1. The athlete will see the purchase on their registration receipt. 

2. The athlete will receive a separate email from imATHLETE confirming the purchase and including a link to redeem their ROAD iD.

Why should I offer ROAD iD?
You are helping to spread a message of safety, potentially saving lives. Plus all the cool kids wear them including the imATHLETE team! Oh, and it pretty well sells itself and earns revenue for you.

Who provides support?

Once the purchase is completed, support will be provided by ROAD iD at or 800-345-6336.

Any other questions about the program? 

Email us at