Other reports

We like reporting. We like when you like reporting. As a result, we tend to create a lot of reports to give you a lot of information. However, we are creating reports faster than we can create the pretty user interface to display them. As a result, we've created an Other Reports section that we keep filling with cool new reports.

How to Access Other Reports

  • Click Reports from the main navigation
  • Scroll toward the bottom of the page and the View button under Other Reports 
  • ​Choose your report on the following page
  • Set your preferred date range
  • Choose whether you'd like to Manage notifications, Export the report, or Schedule emailed reports

    That's it!

Participant Reports

Repeat Participants
List of participants who have registered for more than one of your events, including how many they've registered for.

Repeat Participants by Event
List of participants who have registered for more than one of your events, including which specific events they've registered for.

Download All Participants
Mailing address, phone number and email for all participants that have ever participated in a specific event.

Participant Revenue Report
Revenue associated with each participant's registration, including registration, merchandise, custom questions, drawing fees and more.

Event Revenue Report
Summary of the amount of money spent in each transaction, including registration, merchandise, donations, etc.  Could include multiple registrations in one transaction.

Participant Referral Report
Summary of which participants referred friends through Facebook and Twitter, including how many referrals and how many of the friends completed registration.

Current Class Counts
This gives you a real time view of all the complete registrations for each class, including any class changes. Numbers are accurate up to the minute you hit the Export button.

Participant Count by City
Summary of the number of participants in a specific city.

Participant Count by Postal Code
Similar to the Participant Count by City and shows you the number of participants in a given postal code.

Event Waivers
When participants signed waiver, including name, date/time signed, email address, IP address, browser, etc.

Repeat Participants (Year over Year)
See how many people have been participating in your event year over year.

Revenue by Class (Year over Year)
See year over year registration revenue for your repeat events, broken down by class.

Merchandise Reports

Company Merchandise Sales
Summary of merchandise sold. Including quantity and revenue per item.

Event Merchandise Sales
Summary of merchandise sold for individual events.  Including quantity and revenue per item.

Merchandise Views and Purchases
See the number of times each merchandise item within the event store (not including registration) has been viewed by users and how many of those views have led to a purchase. 

Click-to-Purchase Conversions
See the Event Store views that resulted in merchandise purchases.

Team Reports

Team Summary
Team names, sizes and captain contact information.

Team Details
All team members, when they joined the team.

Discount Code Reports

Discount Code Status
All your discount codes and the details of each

Discount Code Usage (All)
Usage information for your discount codes. Who used it, when they used it and how much it was worth.

Discount Code Usage (Registration)
Similar to the Discount Code Usage (All) report but limits the data to discount codes used during event registration. 

Misc Reports

Invite Code Usage
Usage info for your invitation codes. Who used it, when they used it and what for.

HINT: If some of your numbers are a little off from the numbers you're seeing in your participant details reports, keep in mind that the Other Reports reports will include your cancelled registrations by default. Participant details reports will only include cancelled registrations if you select the check box at the bottom of the page before running the report.