Participant Details Overview

During the registration process, we collect participant information for you that you can access later. We call the section of the site that is home to the bulk of that participant data Participant Details (bet you couldn't see that one coming). 

What kinds of things can you do with Participant Details? Let's find out. 

How to find participant details

Pretty simple. You can access Participant Details in one of two ways:

  1. Click the the title of your event listed in the Event Summary box on your dashboard
  2. Click the red participant details link next to your event name in the Event Summary on your dashboard.

Switch events, send waiver reminders, manually add a registration

Once you're there, at the top of the page you can choose to show data for a different event, manually add a participant, or send a friendly reminder to folks who haven't yet signed a waiver.


Switch to a saved report


Here is where you select saved data filters. The top four are filters we've already built in for you. If you set up any custom filters, those will appear below the line. Wnat to set up your own custom filters? Learn how in this article on saving custom participant reports.

  • Confirmed Participants - participants whose registrations are fully paid and confirmed.
  • Payment Pending (Mail In) - will only have data if you have enabled mail-in registration in your event set up. This list is for users who registered for the event, opted to pay by mail, and whose payment we haven't yet received. Once we receive payment, the participant's registration will be moved to Confirmed Participants.
  • Wait List - will only have participants listed if you have waitlists enabled for your event and your event is full. When a confirmed participant cancels, the next person on the waitlist will automatically be moved to Confirmed. Note: you will not see who has moved from the waitlist to confirmed, only that a registrant is on one of the lists.
  • Incomplete Registrations - shows a list of users who began a registration but did not complete it. Users will appear in this list seven days after completing the Personal Info page of registration without checking out. You may see a participant in this list and in the Confirmed Participants list if they began a registration on one computer and then began and completed a new registration on another computer.

Customize which data you want to see

Use the Select Columns link to customize the data fields you see in the table below. Like so:



Get more specific with filters

Create a more specific search by first name, last name, email address, confirmation code, class name, wave name, or team. Or use the handy checkboxes to show only folks who are on a team, or only folks who are a team captain. Use the date range to narrow down the results to a specific time period. Be sure to click Apply to update the table below with your changes.


Show cancelled participants, include merchandise, and export to Excel

At the bottom of the table, under the participant data you're able to:

  • Choose whether you'd like to include cancelled registrations in the results above. Cancellations will appear in red
  • Include merchandise sales in your export (i.e., if someone purchased a merchandise item while registering, we'll append some columns to your export to show this)
  • Specify how many results to show per page
  • Create column mappings (i.e., rename the column headers in the file you're about to export)
  • Export to Excel
    • Note: If your download contains 30,000 or more registrations, the file will be emailed to you.

Congratulations, you are now a Participant Details expert!