Payment Processes

eChecks, Direct Deposit, refunds, credit card disputes, and pay period dates

Registration and Service Fees


imATHLETE facilitates online race registration for endurance events across the country. Athletes registering for your events will pay your race registration fee through our website and are additionally charged a service fee that we collect. imATHLETE processes your online registration payments and pays them out to you twice monthly.

You can learn more about imATHLETE service fees here.

Statement Periods

The pay periods are:

  • 1st - 15th 
  • 16th - end of the month

Direct Deposit

If you are on direct deposit, money is usually sent via ACH within two business days of the end of the pay period. Not on direct deposit? Sign up here.

eCheck Payments

If you prefer to receive payment by check, we will issue an eCheck to you via email. These require no special paper, ink or printer, arrive to you significantly faster than a mailed check and are more secure. You simply print them out and deposit them as you would any other check. 

Transaction Summary

We send a transaction summary with the amount of your deposit within two business days of the end of the pay cycle. This is a high level summary of the number of registrations and the registration fees that were collected per event class. 

Make sure everybody who should receive the statement is on your payment notification list.

Oh, and here's what a statement looks like...



You can submit a refund request through imATHLETE from your dashboard. (Learn how to do that here.) For any refunds that we issue to your registrants, you will see a line item for refunds on your transaction summary sheet and find a detailed list of refunds in your statement reconciliation. imATHLETE does not have the authority to approve refunds on your behalf, we only process them at your request.

Credit Card Disputes

Learn how we handle credit card disputes (aka chargebacks) here.