Public Participant List

Public Participant Lists are one of the most highly trafficked pages on imATHLETE (outside of registration). People love seeing their names, and friends names, listed for your event.

How to Find the Link to Your Public Participant List

  1. From your imATHLETE dashboard, click the red view event link to the right of your event name
  2. Click Participants on the navigation bar above your event information
  3. This will take you to your public participant list. Just copy the URL, and there's your link.

Change Settings for the Public Participant List

You’ve got a number of options with the participant list:

  • Show the names of everyone registered for the event (individual athletes can opt out if they choose)
  • Hide all names (don't show any participant list at all)
  • Only show the participant list when the event reaches a certain threshold of participants
  • Make the list confirm only (the list is searchable, but otherwise the list is hidden)

Whichever you decide to do, here’s how you can adjust the settings:

  1. Go directly to Classes + Categories in your Event Setup by clicking the red change link beneath the relevant event name on your main Dashboard
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section of the page. Choose your selected option next to Show Public Participant List.
  3. Click Save & Continue
  4. Pat yourself on the back

Here's a visual (minus the back patting):

Oh, by the way, you can go in and change the display settings for the participant list whenever you want - even after registration has launched.

Change What Information Shows on the Public Participant List

When a public participant list is showing, imATHLETE displays certain columns by default. You cannot alter the default information that appears, however you can add/remove some optional information that appears when you click the more info link to the right of a participant's name on the PPL.

Bib + Corral
If you assign bibs and/or corrals with imATHLETE's Bib + Corral Manager, you can choose to allow the participant's bib and/or corral information appear on that pop-up. On the top of the Bib + Corral Manager, just click the show 'em button and the data will appear on those pop-ups.


Custom Questions
You can add up to three different custom questions/answers to appear in that pop-up. To use this option, contact your CSM or and let us know which questions/answers you'd like to add. We'll take it from there!

Remove a Name from the Participant List

Here's something you may or may not know, whenever somebody registers on imATHLETE, their receipt specifically indicates how they can remove their name from the participant list. Here’s how the athlete can remove themselves from the Public Participant List:

  1. Login to
  2. Under My Account on the top right, select Settings
  3. Click the Registration Info tab
  4. Where it says Show my name and photo on event pages, click no
  5. Click Save Changes

​When the participant goes to the participant list to confirm participation, they will now see their name is no longer listed and is replaced with Anonymous.

The settings look something like this: