Registration Protection Program

imATHLETE and Allianz Global Assistance have partnered to offer you registration cancellation insurance with our Registration Protection Program. 

What’s Covered?

If you’ve purchased coverage and you have to cancel your registration due to illness, injury, normal pregnancy, military duty, or employer termination your registration fee is covered by Allianz Global Assistance.

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How Much Does it Cost?

$7.99 or 6.75% of the cost of registration, whichever is greater.

How Do I Buy It?

Not all events offer coverage, however if the event you are registering for does offer it, here's what you do:

  1. Complete registration for the event as you normally would.
  2. When you get to the Cart Summary page, scroll down past the registration(s) listed in your cart. You’ll see a box that says Protect Your Registration Fees. 
  3. Select YES, Protect My Registration
  4. A red confirmation will appear below that says, “Billing will appear as a separate transaction by Allianz Global Assistance and does not appear in summary below
  5. Continue checking out, and you're all set!

It looks like this:



Important Billing Information!

Keep in mind that the Registration Protection Program does not appear on your imATHLETE summary or on your imATHLETE receipt, and is NOT included in the total that you pay to imATHLETE

You WILL see a separate charge on your card from Allianz Global Assistance (the company offering the insurance). 

Does Every Event Offer It?

No. Not every event on imATHLETE has chosen to offer this. If this option is available, you’ll see it during the registration flow. It looks something like this:

What If I Don’t See the Option to Sign Up?

If you do not see the Registration Protection Program as an option during the registration flow, there are a few reasons this could happen:

  1. The event you've registered for has not chosen to offer the program, and it is available for purchase
  2. You have registrations in your cart for multiple events, and one of the events is not eligible for the Registration Protection Program
  3. There is a mail-in registration in your cart 


What If I’m Signing Up For Multiple Different Events?

If you are signing up for more than one event that offers the Registration Protection Program, you will need to check out separately for each event in order to purchase protection for each event. Otherwise, only the first event added to your cart will be covered. 

For example, let’s say you’re signing up yourself and a friend for the Super Duper Marathon, and also signing yourself up for the Really Fun 5k and both events offer the Registration Protection Program.

If you add the registrations to your cart in the order below, you and your friend would be covered for the Super Duper Marathon, but your Really Fun 5k registration would not be covered.

  • Super Duper Marathon (yours)
  • Really Fun 5k (yours)
  • Super Duper Marathon (your friend’s)

If you add the registrations to your cart in this order, only your registration for the Really Fun 5k would be covered.

  • Really Fun 5k (yours)
  • Super Duper Marathon (yours)
  • Super Duper Marathon (your friend’s)

Can I Get Coverage For Just My Registration If I’m Signing up Multiple People?

Not if you check out in the same cart. If you are signing up for a single event that offers the Registration Protection Program and have multiple registrations for the event in your cart, you will be required to cover all registrations or no registrations. 

If you’d like to cover just one registration, you will need to check out in a separate transaction for the single registration and opt in to coverage.

Why Do I See a Charge from Allianz Global Assistance on my credit card?

Allianz Global Assistance is the insurance provider for the Registration Protection Program. When you opt in to the Registration Protection Program, you see something like this:


This means that the fee for the Registration Protection Program:

  1. Does not appear on your imATHLETE receipt
  2. Is not charged by imATHLETE
  3. Is not included in your total purchase price on imATHLETE
  4. Is charged separately by Allianz Global Assistance


Can I Buy Registration Protection After I’ve Registered?

No. You may only purchase the insurance at the time of registration. You may not purchase it retroactively.

Questions About the Insurance

imATHLETE has partnered with Allianz Global Assistance to offer you the Registration Cancellation Program, however imATHLETE is not an insurance company, and we are not equipped to handle questions specific to the insurance policy.

For insurance-specific questions, you may contact Allianz Global Assistance at 1-888-497-6987.

You can also find their FAQ here: