Relay Teams Overview

Ahh, relay teams. Cool costumes, decked out vans, loads of team spirit and a little bit different registration setup. Let's go over some important things you should know when setting up a relay team registration option.

1 relay team = 1 registration

Unlike individual registrations and standard team registrations, a registration for an entire relay team is considered one registration. Kind of like back in the day when teachers physically tied your leg to the kid next to you and told you to run, once a relay team is formed, the team members are all tied together. We'll still collect registration information for each individual on the team, but there's just one overall registration. As such, the whole team is required to sign up at the same time, and if anyone has to cancel, the whole team cancels together.

Changing team members

Once the team is registered, team members cannot be added or removed, even if you used a variable team size (see below). The only way to switch out team members is to cancel the existing team registration and have the team sign up again. Learn how to do that here.

What if you want people to be able to cancel and join as they please? You can still use the standard team option. Learn more about team registration options here.

Team size

You can apply a minimum and maximum team size (anywhere from 2 to 50) relay class if you like. This means that during registration, the team will be able to choose the number of team members based on the minimum and maximum range you set. If you want all relay teams to be the same size, just set the min and max to the same number, and that's it! 

If the minimum and maximum team size are not equal, the first participant to register the team will be presented with a drop down menu asking how may team members they'd like to sign up.

A team size option with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20, would have a drop down in registration that looks something like this:


Keep in mind that because this is a relay team, the team will not be able to add or remove members even if the new team size would still fit within the minimum and maximum range specified in event setup.


The price you set for a relay team registration class is the cost for the whole team. If you use a variable relay team size, the price is the same no matter how many team members sign up.

If you really want to charge per person, you can set the registration price to $0 and set up a required custom question that will charge each participant the registration fee. Learn how to create custom questions here.

Setting up a relay registration option

Setting up the relay team in event setup is pretty straightforward. Once you reach the Classes + Categories stage of event setup, just select the Class Type Relay, set your minimum and maximum team size, and complete the rest of the fields as you normally would. 


If you aren't familiar with the Classes + Categories section of event setup, this article will walk you through the process of setting up the rest of the class details.

Editing a relay registration setup

Once you create a relay registration class and click save, you are not able to change the team size. To add a different team size, create a new registration class for the new relay setup you would like to use, and hide or delete the option you do not want to use.


Each member of the relay team is reported in participant details, just like individual and standard team registrations. Any associated registration fee and/or discount is displayed per-person in participant details.

For instance, if there are 5 people on a team, and registration was $100, participant details will report that each team member paid $20.

That just about sums it up! Congratulations, you are now a relay team expert.