Reporting: Event Marketing

The Event Marketing Report is, arguably, one of the most important reports on imATHLETE.  If it isn't, it should be.  Whereas other reports are a great look into the rearview mirror to tell you how much money you've already made, the Event Marketing Report looks out the front windshield to show you how much revenue you can potentially make.

Simply put, the Event Marketing Report lets you know the ROI for any marketing activity you do, anywhere, ever.


1.  For any, and every, marketing effort - be it Facebook post, email, tweet, postcard distribution, registration link on your website, etc. - you need to create a unique URL

2.  The unique URL will track all the traffic and registration conversions you get

3.  All the traffic and revenue information is listed in the Event Marketing Report


  • From your dashboard click Event Marketing Links (left side, under Marketing + Communications)
  • Select the Event Name
  • Click the Add New Link button
  • Create a Name and unique tag that helps you understand where the link will be used 
    (e.g. EventNameFacebookJune2015)
  • Click Save
  • Copy the URL and use it


Conversion Rates
Sure you may be driving a lot of traffic over from your posts, but is it really turning into registrations?  This report will tell you exactly how many registrations you're getting from each activity.

The Event Marketing Report is essentially an ROI report.  You know how much you spent on a campaign, now you can see exactly how much revenue you generated from that campaign.

Participant Social Posting
The moment participants complete registration, they are prompted to share on Facebook and Twitter that they've just signed up.  We track all of that activity.  The Event Marketing Report shows you how many people came to your registration page from Facebook and Twitter posts.  (Check out the Participant Referral Report to completely blow your mind!)

Any Campaign
That's right, this report doesn't just track imATHLETE marketing campaigns, you can use it for any marketing activity you do, anywhere.  Are you making postcards and putting them in retail stores?  Put a different URL for each store on the postcards to find out which retailer is driving the most revenue.

Email Wording
Here's an idea, put a unique registration link at the top of your email, another one in the middle and another one at the bottom.  Since you can track traffic and conversions via this report, you can figure out if anybody is actually reading your emails.

imATHLETE Marketing
Did you know that imATHLETE is already doing marketing for you?  We are connecting your athletes and letting each other know what events they are doing.  The Event Marketing Report shows you how much revenue imATHLETE is generating for you, without you even doing anything!

Revenue By Class
Not only do we tell you how much revenue you created from every campaign, but we break it down by Class. So not only can you see that you made $10,000 from Facebook visitors, but you can tell which race those visitors signed up for.


Option 1

  • From your Dashboard, click Event Marketing Report on the left sidebar under Marketing + Communications

Option 2

  • Go to the Event Marketing Links page (from your Dashboard, link on the left side)
  • Select the Event Name

Click the Marketing Report link

Option 3

  • Click the Reports tab at the top of the page
  • From the Select Reports drop down menu on the right, choose Event Marketing