Sales Tax on Merchandise

Only two things in life are certain, right? Given that you clicked a link to Sales Tax on Merchandise, you can probably guess which one of these things we're going to talk about here.

The good news is that with imATHLETE, sales tax is only charged on merchandise if the purchaser is located in California. That's right, the location of your company or event is not a factor in whether or not a participant will pay sales tax.

Here's why: when selling your merchandise through imATHLETE, imATHLETE is considered the retailer. Since we are based in California, we only collect sales taxes when the purchaser is also located in California. Handy, eh?

Rest assured that if you set up a donation as a merchandise item, your donors will not pay sales tax on that donation, even if they're in California. 

If your event is in a state that requires sales tax on merchandise sold online, please contact us at