Save custom participant reports

Ever wondered if you could save custom reports with participant information? You can stop wondering - the answer is yes!  You can create a multitude of custom reports and save up to 25 of them per event.  As a hint, saving the reports will save you a whole bunch of time!  Here's how:

  • Go to Participant Details (from your dashboard, click the Participant Details link to the far right of the event name)​​
  • Click the Select Columns link on the top of the table​​

  • Select/hide the data fields you want to show or hide​
  • Click Apply​
  • Sort and filter the data however you please​
  • On the top left of the table, where it says "wanna save this view?", click save as (if you're updating an already saved report, you can just click update current)

Voila!  Your report is saved. Now whenever you come to Participant Details, just click the "You Are Viewing" dropdown and select the report you want.

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