Sell Merchandise on imATHLETE

If you’re not already selling merchandise, you’re leaving money on the table. We want to help you pick up that money off the table. How to Add Merchandise Items to imATHLETE

1. Click the Merchandise Manager link on the left side of your main dashboard (under the Ecommerce heading)

2. Click the Add New Item button

3. Select the relevant Item Category and Item Type

4. Fill out the rest of the form that magically appears out of thin air. Some tips:

    • Description: Add as much information in the description as you can. You can use basic HTML to bold, highlight or include a link to view a larger image
    • Featured: Featured items appear at the top of the event store page
    • Sales Tax: Physical items are taxable
    • Inventory Manager: If you have specific inventory, indicate how much is available on every relevant SKU

5. Click Save

6. Fill in the rest of the relevant information. OK, OK, here are more tips:

    • Image: Add an image on the top right of the page (highly recommended)
    • Events Selling Item: Click Add Event, select the event and indicate where you want it sold. (If your event isn't listed, see below.)
    • Custom Questions: Add any additional questions to get required info from the consumers
    • Notifications: Click Add New Notification to make sure everybody who is supposed to be notified of sales gets notified. You can have daily, weekly or monthly notifications. Of course you can always go online and get the purchase data anytime you want, 24/7.

7. Click Save

8. Make money

Attaching Items to Your Registration Flow and Event Store

After you've added your merchandise to imATHLETE, you'll have to tell us where you want to sell that merchandise. You can sell each merchandise item during the registration flow, in your event store, or both. Here's how to do that:

  1. If you aren't already in the Merchandise Manager, select the Ecommerce then Merchandise Manager links on the left side of your dashboard
  2. Click the red Add/remove from events link to the right of your merchandise item
  3. Check the event(s) you want it added to and check the box that says Registration
  4. Optionally, specify which dates the item should be available during registration
  5. Click Save, and you're all set!

Find the Link to Your Event Store

  1. ​From your dashboard, click the red view event link to the right of your event name
  2. Click the Store link above your event information
  3. Copy the URL at the top of your browser, and you're all set!

Other Notes

Merchandise is set at the company level, which means that in order to add merchandise to your event, you'll need to have an account under the company that owns the event. For most folks this works just fine, but if you happen to share your event with someone set up under a different company, they will not be able to add merchandise to your event without having an account set up with your company. Here's how to add a contact to your account.

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