Send an email to my participants

imATHLETE has an email manager that is very easy to use and has some pretty neat functionality in how you can filter your participants. Check it out:

1. From your main Dashboard click the Marketing link on the left sidebar

​2. Click Email Manager

3. Click the Create a New Mailing button on the top right of the page

4. Create your mailing​

    • Name of Mailing: Just for your reference
    • From Name: This is what recipients will see
    • From Email Address: This is what recipients will reply to
    • Bounce back Email: If you want to get notified of email addresses that don't work, put your email address here. We recommend leaving it blank.
    • Subject Line: I'm guessing you know what this is.
    • Email Body: Write whatever you want in here.

5. Click the Next: Choose Recipients button on the bottom right

6. Select recipients

    • Click the Event/Campaign dropdown on the top left
    • Select the event you want to send to
    • If you want to send to everybody in the event, click the Add all as a filter button
    • Once all recipients are entered, click the Next: Preview Your Email button on the bottom right

7. Set the date/time to sent

8.Click the Send It button

Congratulations! You've just created and sent your first email. I'm so proud of you I'm getting all choked up.

A couple of notes:

  • Want to send HTML based? Click the link on the top right to change your email plan
  • Do not cut and paste from a Word document. Word and email managers don't go well together
  • ​If you send an email as plain text, opens and click-throughs will not be reported. To change your email plan and send HTML-based emails, click the red Manage e-mail plan link in the top right of the Email Manager.

Oh, want to know how to pretty up your email? Click here to learn about Adding images and html in email manager.

Because who doesn't love a picture?