Send Out An Email Blast to Past Participants


First and foremost, if they aren’t already, we need to make sure your previous participants are in our database. To do so, please refer to Can I import my previous years' participants into imATHLETE?.

Second and secondmost, here's how you set up and send your email:

Create Your Email

  1. Click the Email Manager link on the left side of your dashboard, under Marketing + Communications
  2. Click the big, orange Create New Mailing button
  3. Create your email.
  4. When your email is created, continue to the recipients page
  5. Filter down to select which recipients you’d like to send to (this is where you'll need to have imported participant data if they weren't already in our system). If you want to send to everybody who registered in the past, just select your past event from the Event/Campaign box. If you want to send to folks who registered in a previous year but have not yet registered this year, see below
  6. Preview your email and schedule it to send!

Create a Filter For Athletes Who Haven't Signed Up Yet

  1. In the filter stage of your email setup, select your previous event in the Event/Campaign box
  2. Click the checkbox next to Limit Further
  3. In the next box to the right, select and NOT in
  4. In the next box to the right, select your current event
  5. If you want to filter by any other criteria (class, gender, etc) do that now
  6. Scroll down and click the add all as filter button to add all of the folks who met the filter criteria to your send list. (If you'd rather hand select, just hand select and then click add selected button)

    It looks like this: