Service Fees

reduce service fees with a longer contract period.


imATHLETE service fees are assessed as a proportion of the registration price.

You can choose to add the service fee and pass it along to your registrants (they'll see a service fee line item on their receipt) or include it in the cost of registration (no service fee line item on the registrant's receipt).

Either way, there's nothing for you to pay us. If you add the fee, or pass the service fee on to participants, they pay that fee directly to imATHLETE. If you include the service fee in the cost of registration, we will withhold that service fee before sending payment to you each period.

Calculate Service Fees

The math is really simple. We do it for you. But, it looks like this:

[(Registration Fee - Discount) x Service Fee % ] + $1.75 = Service Fee $

Let's assume that you are selling entries for a 5k and the entry fee is $20. You sent last year's participants an email with a discount code good for $5 off this year's registration, so they sign up. You are using the default fee structure listed above.

[($20 - $5) x 6.49% ] + $1.75 = $2.72

What do those Service Fees Get Me?

A robust registration platform, phone-in and email support for you AND your athletes, incredible reporting, easy refunds, discount codes, email manager, texting, social media support, best-in-class partners for volunteer management, fundraising, ambassador programs, photo technology, consulting/strategy sessions, happy athletes, and a massive reduction in headaches and stress!

Reduce Service Fees

You can lock in lower service fees when you sign a long term agreement with us, but if you'd rather just stick with the default service fees, those are 6.49% + $1.75.

Curious about a long term agreement? Drop us an email us at and we'll be happy to send you more information.