Set up and sell gift certificates

I like how you think! It’s a great idea to launch as gifts, especially for the holidays. But even more, you can encourage your participants to tell their friends they want a gift certificate for their birthday - so sell gift certificates year round, and promote them in your newsletters.

Here’s what you need to do to sell gift certificates.

Step 1: Set up the gift certificate in merchandise

  1. Click Merchandise Manager on the left side of your dashboard
  2. Click Add New Item
  3. Set the item category as Miscellaneous and the type as Other
  4. Create an item called something like “Joe’s Events Gift Certificate”
  5. Write a description that encourages people to purchase. Something like “give the gift of health to those you love the most with a gift certificate that can be used for any of our events including [Event #1], [Event #2] and [Event #3]. The average entry fee for our events is $xx.”
  6. Set the value at $10 (this will allow folks to purchase in increments of $10. You can really set it to whatever increment you'd like people to be able to purchase)
  7. When done with setup, click Save, but don't leave the page just yet
  8. Next, scroll down to the Events Selling Item section and add the events you'd like to sell this with
  9. Then, scroll down to the Notifications section, and set up a daily notification for your self so you'll get an email when someone purchases a gift certificate

That's it for the first step! You’ve now created a merchandise item that allows people to buy a gift certificate for $10 or any denomination of $10 (e.g. $50, $70, $100, $150, etc.). 

Step 2: Send out codes

Once you receive a notification that somebody purchased a gift certificate, you just need to create the code and send it to them!

  1. Click Discount + Invitation Codes on the left side of your dashboard
  2. Click the Add New Discount button on the right
  3. Create a new code with the type Gift Code
  4. The amount should be equal to whatever amount they paid
  5. Email the Gift Code to the purchaser

Let the selling begin!

Gift certificate templates

If you want to send out the code with a pretty certificate, there are a couple of great places to look for templates:

Do an image search with your favorite search engine for "gift certificate template." Some common ones are:

Use a template from something like MS Office or Open Office

Good to know

  • Because each code works like a traditional gift card, you will need to create a unique code for each gift certificate purchased.
  • If you've set up the gift certificate to be sold in an event store, you can link directly to the store if you're sending out a promotional email. To grab that link, just click the view event link on your dashboard next to the name of your event, then click the Store tab. Grab the URL for that, and you're all set!