Set up registration price levels

imATHLETE uses the term Class to describe the registration options. For instance, a participant Class may be 5k or 10k or Olympic Triathlon or Sprint Triathlon or anything else you want.

Here's how to set up registration price levels for various classes:

1. Go into Event Setup (On your main dashboard, click “edit” to the far right of your event name)

2. Click Classes + Categories (left side of page)

3. Click the Add a Participant Class button

4. Fill in the information on the Classes / Categories tab. Some hints:

    • Class Name / Division: Select “Custom / Other” to create your own Class name
    • Class Type: Selecting “Team (non-relay)” requires people to be on a team. Selecting “Individual” then checking “Allow Team” let’s people register without requiring a team, but it gives them the option
    • Categories: Any sub-category that you want to track
    • Age Restricted: You can set minimum or maximum ages
    • Registration Limit: Indicate how many people can sign up for this class
    • Show Slots Remaining: imATHLETE can show a running tally of how many slots are left. If you get close to sell-out, it’s a great way to create panic and get people to register faster.
    • Hide Class: Only click this if you require an Invitation Code to access this Class (e.g. Sponsor registration)

5. Select the Price Levels tab

    • Price: Starting price for the registration
    • Price Level Name: Select “Other…” to be creative
    • Start / End Time: We recommend starting at 12:01am and ending at 11:59pm
    • Add Additional Price: Click this button to add another price level for this Class

6. Click Save this Class!

Congratulations! You just set up your first registration Class!