Show countdown of remaining slots available in registration

There is a lot of marketing power in having a sold-out event.  It's the velvet rope concept - as long as there are a few people who can't get in, it makes the ones who got in feel more special.  That means as the years progress, people will make more and more of a concerted effort to get in earlier for fear that it will sell out and they won't be able to participate.


There's a technical term for this.  It's called Panic.

The main idea is you want to create just enough panic to get people off their butts and into registration, but not too much panic that it causes mayhem. That's where the concept of showing remaining slots comes in handy.

imATHLETE gives you the ability to show the remaining registration slots available for the entire event and/or for specific classes.  It would look something like this to the registrant:


You can:

  • Always show remaining slots
  • Only show the number when you get to [  ] slots remaining
  • Never show remaining slots

How to Set Up Remaining Slots

  • Go to Event Setup
  • Click Classes + Categories (left side)

[for total EVENT slots remaining]

Drawing_Spots_Remaining (1)

  • Scroll down to Advanced Settings (bottom of page)
  • Select your option under Show non-drawing slots remaining

[for specific CLASS slots remaining]

Class_Level (1)

  • Click Edit next to the participant class (or learn how to set up a new class here)
  • Scroll down to Registration Limit and make sure it says "Yes" and there is a limit
  • Under Show Slots Remaining select your option
  • Click Save This Class

That's all there is to it!