Show Registration Classes by Athlete Country


The class location filter allows you to automatically restrict the online race registration classes available to your athletes based on the country their IP address is associated with. 

This option is enabled in the class editor, and can be edited after registration has launched (though we strongly recommend setting up before you launch, naturally). 

For Example

Let's say you are organizing a marathon in the US and also offer a half marathon and 10k. You always have a good number of international participants who attend every year, and you have to collect very different information from your international runners than you do from your US runners. This feature allows you to set up different classes for your international and US audiences and make sure that international registrants only see international classes, and US registrants only see US classes. Handy, yeah?

The Setup

  1. From your dashboard, click the red change link below the name of your event.
  2. If your registration class already exists, click edit next to the name of the class. If it doesn't, create a new class.
  3. Scroll down to the Show Class for Countries section and select the Selected Countries option.
  4. A list of available countries will appear below. To quickly clear all the checked countries, click the red None link above the table, then select your desired countries. To select them all, just click the red All link.
  5. Once everything is set up the way you like, click Save this Class and you're all set!

Here's How That Looks

US Athletes Only


International Athletes Only


Good to Know

What if an athlete is on vacation in another country, and they want to register for the US event?
As of right now, users are not able to manually override the the country selection. They would need to either wait until they're back in the US to register or have a friend or family member in the US complete a proxy race registration for them. 

Why is [country] missing?
Our credit card processor does not process transactions from certain countries that they have flagged for unusually high levels of fraud activity. If a particular country is missing from the list above, it's because we cannot process payment for them through our payment processor. 

Questions? Let us know!