Teams - Creating, Joining and Leaving

When it comes to teams, there are a bunch of different registration options, all of which are dependent upon the way the event organizer has set things up. Here's a rundown of the different choices you may have, depending on the event settings.

Creating a non-relay team

This one's super simple. If one of your teammates hasn't yet signed up, just enter the team name during registration. When the rest of your team signs up, they'll be able to select your team name from a drop down list. Easy!

Your team name isn't in the drop down menu, but the system is telling you the name has already been taken? This happens when somebody starts the registration process, enters the team name, and then does not complete the registration process. The system will reserve the name for that original registration sometimes for up to 3 hours. You can slightly alter your team name, or wait until the original registration finishes, or try back again later.

Creating a relay-team

If the event organizers have set up relay registrations, the team captain will have to sign up and pay for the whole team in one registration. Just sign up the first person, and before checking out, click the Register More People to add the next team member. 

Once a relay team is created, its members cannot be modified. Kind of like those three-legged races where they tie your legs together, a relay team is tied together as one unit and its members cannot be traded out. 

Joining a non-relay team

Once another teammate has created your team, just select the team name from the drop down menu during registration. Easy peasy.

If the team name isn't in the list, the team will need to be created first (see Creating a non-relay team above).

Joining a relay team

Relay teams must be signed up in one transaction, so you will not be able to independently join a relay team. If you weren't signed up in the original relay registration, the team captain will need to reach out to the event organizers to see if they'll allow your team to cancel and sign up again with new members.

Change out of a non-relay team to an individual distance

This may be possible if the event policy set by the organizers allows it. See this article on changing your distance or class.

Change out of a relay team to an individual distance

You would need to contact your event organizer to see if event policy allows for you to do this. Here's how to contact your event organizer.

Change from an individual distance to a team

This may be possible if the event policy set by the organizers allows it. See this article on changing your distance or class.