The Registration Protection Program - Everything You Need to Know

You asked, we listened.

imATHLETE and Allianz Global Assistance have partnered to offer your athletes our Registration Protection Program (aka participant insurance). 

What’s Covered

If an athlete purchases the optional coverage, Allianz Global Assistance covers registration cancellation due to illness, injury, normal pregnancy, military duty, and employer termination.

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How Much Does it Cost?

$7.99 or 6.75% of the cost of registration, whichever is greater.

How Do Athletes Purchase It?

Once you’ve enabled this option in your event setup, athletes will be able to purchase it on the Cart Summary page once they’ve added registration for your event to their cart. It looks like this:

Allianz Global Assistance will charge athletes separately (they will not be charged by imATHLETE, will not see it listed on their imATHLETE receipt, and will see a separate charge from Allianz Global Marketplace on their credit card).

Allianz Global Assistance will send each athlete who signs up a confirmation email with important policy information. 

How to Set It Up
  1. Log in to your imATHLETE account
  2. Click the red edit link next to the name of the event you’d like to offer this with
  3. Click the red Cancellation, Deferral, Waitlist link on the left sidebar
  4. Scroll down to the box titled Registration Protection Program
  5. Select Yes next to “Do you want to enable the registration protection insurance program by Allianz Global Assistance?”
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save, and you’re all set!

The setup looks something like this:

Registration Protection Program Event Setup


Is This Available Outside the US?

No. The Registration Protection Program is available to events and athletes based in the United States only. 

How is this Different from Event Cancellation Refund Program?

The Event Cancellation Refund Program covers the registration fee for athletes who sign up for a covered event if the event is cancelled due to weather or terrorism. Individual athletes cannot opt in or out of the Event Cancellation Refund Program, and their registration fees are not covered if they have to cancel for any other reason. You can read more about the Event Cancellation Refund Program here.

The Registration Protection Program allows athletes to opt in or opt out of additional insurance that will cover their registration fee if they have to cancel due to illness, injury, normal pregnancy, military duty, or employer termination.

Insurance Questions

imATHLETE has partnered with Allianz Global Assistance to offer the Registration Protection Program to your athletes, however imATHLETE is not an insurance company. All questions specific to the actual insurance coverage should be directed to Allianz Global Assistance. 

They can be reached at 1-888-497-6987.

You can also find their FAQ here: