Turn on/off registration

Turning registration on and off is a cinch. Open and close dates are set up at the class level, so if you want to leave registration for the 5k open a bit longer than the 10k, it's not a problem! Let's start with how to Turn Off Registration.


  • From your Dashboard, underneath your event name is the date time that registration ends. Next to that is a red link that says change. Click that.
  • Click edit next to any participant Class that hasn't yet closed.
  • ​Select the Price Levels tab
  • Change the end date on the price level(s) to be in the past

Voila! If no participant Classes are open, registration will officially be closed. We'll walk you through it in this video:

Turning on registration is just as simple.


  • Go into Event Setup (from your Dashboard, click the red edit link to the right of the event name)
  • Click the Confirm link at the bottom of the list on the left side
  • Click the orange Launch Registration button
    • HINT #1: Not ready to launch to the public? Click the Preview Registration button. It will open up registration only viewable by you and others you share the link with.
    • HINT #2: Don’t see the Launch Registration button? Click the link to sign the contract. Once that’s approved you can launch.
    • HINT #3: Did you launch registration and still can’t register? Sounds like you set registration dates for the future.
      • In Event Setup, click Classes + Categories (left side of page)
      • Make sure the registration open dates are not in the future​

All set!