Upgrade vs. Copy Event

So your event is over for the year, and it's time to start thinking about getting it set up for next year. Creating a new event from scratch would be a lot of duplicated effort. The good news is, we have a couple of options that will make your life easier. Upgrading your event or copying your event. Here's what those mean:

Upgrade Event

Upgrading your event allows you to keep your event information for multiple dates/years under just one event.


  • All participant data is stored under this one event
  • You'll have better year of year reporting

​Possible drawbacks

  • Once the event is upgraded, you will not be able to view the event setup for previous years. Any changes you make to the event setup will change the setup that was saved for a previous year
  • You will not be able to use multi-event discount codes for multiple years within the upgraded event
  • Some reports (including most Other Reports) will only be available for the most recent year of the upgraded event

For instructions on upgrading your event, see how to upgrade your event to the next year.

Looking for your participant data after upgrading your event? Check out this article.

Copy Event

Copying an event makes an exact copy of an existing event and is generally a bit easier to use than upgrading your event.


  • You can edit that copy to your heart's content without worrying that it will change the original event
  • You will still be able to see the way you set up your event last year
  • You can use multi-event discount codes for the same event in different years
  • More reporting options are available to you

Possible drawbacks

  • Participant data will be stored under two different events, and so year over year reporting may not be as robust as with an upgraded event

For instructions on copying your event, see how to copy an event.