View / change who pays the registration service fees

imATHLETE let's you choose whether you want to *add* the service fee to your registration price or *include* the fee in the price. It's simple for you to set it up - literally the click of a button. And you can change it whenever you want.

  • Go into Event Setup (From your Dashboard, click the edit link next to the name of your event)
  • Click the Payment Info link on the left side of the page
  • In the Service Fees section, indicate whether you want to include the service fee in the price of registration or add the service fee to the price of registration.​
  • Click on Save & Continue and you are done!

​As an example, if you have a $50 event and include the service fee, the participant pays $50 and imATHLETE sends you $50 minus the service fee (e.g. $46).

If you have a $50 event and add the service fee, the participant pays $50 plus the service fee (e.g. $54), and imATHLETE sends you $50.