Am I registered?

Not sure if you registered for an event? No problem! There are a couple ways you can confirm a registration.

Search your inbox.

If you successfully registered, you will be emailed a confirmation receipt from with the subject line "Your imATHLETE Purchase Confirmation". We'd recommend filtering your inbox by our email address or the subject line above. If not in your inbox, please check your spam folder.


Check the event's public participant list.

Note: If you made your profile private, your name will appear as Anonymous on this list. If the event coordinators chose to hide the participant list from public view, names will not appear at all.  

To locate an event's participant list:

  • Search for your event here.
  • Click on the event name itself.


  • Select the Participants tab.


  • Type your name, then click the Confirm Your Registration button.


Voila! From here, you can also email yourself a new confirmation receipt by clicking your name and selecting Email Confirmation.


Check your bank statement.

If there's a charge on your statement from I AM ATHLETE LLC, then you've successfully registered. Woohoo!

Seeing a charge, but not a confirmation email? Click here for more information.