Create an invitation code (a.k.a. bypass code or sponsor code)

Maybe you call it a Sponsor Code. Maybe you call it a Bypass Code. We call it an Invitation Code and we’re guessing it does the same thing (and probably more) than the codes you call by another name. Basically, it unlocks a special "hidden" class (learn how to hide a class here).I know, I haven’t really answered your question yet. Let me do that now. An Invitation Code is a way to allow people to still register for an event when:

  • It is closed to other participants
  • It is sold-out
  • There is a special registration option you want hidden from others

The most common usage for Invitation Codes are:

  • Allow sponsors to register via a hidden registration and a unique code to each sponsor
  • (for relay events) Allow team members to register
  • (for sold out events) Allow people to register after registration is closed

To create an Invitation Code

1. From your Dashboard, click the Discounts + Invitation Codes link on the left side of the page

2. Click the Manage invitation codes link on the top right

3. Click the Add Code button

4. Fill out the form:

    • Code: You can create your own code or leave it blank and we’ll create one dynamically. HINT: Want to create your own? Make it unique by indicating the event, year and reason for the code. (e.g. MyEvent15SSponsor1)
    • Description: This is just for your reference
    • Limit: # of times it can be used (leave blank for unlimited)
    • Start / End Date: I’m guessing you understand this
    • Event: Select the event that it is applicable too
    • Participant Classes: Indicate which Class(es) the code should apply to

5. Click Save and - ka-BAM! - you’ve got your code.

HINT:Make it easy for your participants by sharing a link that contains your invitation code. Learn how here.

How do participants use it?


  1. On the first page of registration is a link that says Got an invitation code? Click here. Click that
  2. In the box that appears, enter the invitation code and click Apply
  3. The unlocked registration class will appear in red in the registration list above
  4. Select the option in red and continue on with registration as normal

Create an Invitation Code Link

Eliminate user-error with invitation codes by handing out a link to registration that will automatically apply your invitation code. When someone visits your registration page with that custom URL, we will automatically apply the invitation code and unlock the associated registration class. Nifty, eh?

First, you've gotta set up the invitation code. If you haven't done that yet, we'll walk you through that here.

Once that's done, there are a couple of ways to do this:

A. The easy way

1. Click the Tools link on the left side of your dashboard and then click Registration Codes

2. Click the red Manage invitation codes link on the right side of the page


3. Find your invitation code and double click it to open in the invitation code editor


4. Copy the invitation URL at the bottom of the editor, and that's it!


B. The other way

  1. From your dashboard, click on Marketing on the left sidebar and then Marketing Links
  2. Select your event from the drop down menu
  3. Copy the Event Registration link
  4. Append to the end of your Event Registration link &bypass=INVITECODE where INVITECODE is replaced with your specific invitation code. 

Here is an example:

  • My invitation code: SPONSORLOVE
  • My Event Registration link:
  • My special URL:

Voila! Invitation link created.

If you want to get really fancy, you can even combine Event Marketing Links with an the invitation code so you can track conversions from different sources. Pretty snazzy, huh? Learn how here.

What other cool things can I do with this?

  • Add it to a link so that a hidden/sold out class is automatically opened when someone goes to registration with that link. Learn how to do that here.
  • ​Add it to an Event Marketing Link so you can track conversions from different places you've distributed your invitation code. Learn how to do that here.

We tried to create an interpretive dance to represent the invitation code creation, but only came up with this...​